Dear valued customers and clients,

First and foremost, we, the management want to thank you for your interest in our models… ..
In order not to waste each others time, please read and understand this content before you make your enquiry.


*Incall means = Customer comes to our place.

*Outcall means = The chosen lady will be sent to customer’s requested location.


1) Incall enquiries :—–

*Please state the time that you plan to visit us. Please don’t ask us what time she is free.
*For incalls, no advance booking is needed. You can just set an appointment on the time and date   that you plan to visit us.
*Your nationality are required as the ladies has their preference too.
*All uploaded pictures are real pictures of the girls when they have their proffesional   photoshoots. Some are with wigs, specs and various kinds of cosmetics.
*Kindly don ask for video sex, call sex or any disgusting behavior that will just degrades you as a gentlemen.
*Please respect the ladies, they are humans too. Everyone has a need to survive.
*Prices are negotiable BUT it must be done when you had arrived at the location.

*We are not a civil service association, kindly call befrienders if you need some one to talk to.

2)Outcall enquiries:—-

*Please state the exact location, date and time, you required the service.
*For those who are not locals, state your surname and the of the hotel room or residence that you required us to send.
*All hotels in Kuala Lumpur welcome guest into their premises. No approval needed to get from   the hotel’s management.
*Nationality are also required for outcalls, as the girls has their preference too.
*Especially models, they want to know who they are meeting.
*Kindly don’t ask for more pictures of the girls. You will get what you see.
*If the client have specific choices of costumes that required the girls to wear, please do provide it for them.
*Verification of the client are “extremely important” for the safety of the girls. Your actual surname and the place you stay.
*Bookings is only confirm when all of the above requirement are met.
*Should the client unable to provide these information beforehand, our customer service will evaluate the sincerity of the client whether to proceed with the bookings.

*And there would be times whereby, we are short of drivers; the management will ask the lady to take a grab or a cab to the client.
*All information provided to us are discreet and confidential, there is not a worry in the world that it will be shared.
*And also, all reservation details that are given; should be included with actual proof of statement; for example a photo of the actual place, a receipt, or any thing that proof you had made the reservations. (This clause are applied to advance bookings only)
*After all these are met, the management’s customer service will only give a reasonable quote (Price) to your enquiry.
*Negotiations for outcall are totally acceptable.
*Transportation charges varies from place to place. (That is why we need your location, don’t   misunderstand that we want to know how rich you are.)
*The management apologize for any text or calls that is unanswered as we had a system that   unwelcome pranks.
*Kindly respect our privacy, do provide these info so that other genuine clients will have much   more attentions from our customer service operators. And we hope that you would make good value of your time 



*RESPECT yourselves and respect the customer service operators…
*DONT send nude pictures of yourselves or any part of your body to us.
*The operators are one of our employees, they are not in the lists for bookings.
*Kindly do not be surprise and that are sometimes men answering the phone as they work on shifts.
*Please don’t make video calls or send porno-graphic mp4 to us. We thank you in advance but NO THANKS.
*If the management feels that your enquiry aren’t sincere or genuine enough, kindly forgive us for ignoring your text or calls. We will block it if it deem necessary.
*We, the management will try our best to provide the best for you, please work with us and make this a joyful interactions.  


Photos :—

*Many questions has arise regarding photos that were uploaded, let us clarify with you…
*Some phtoto are done by pro-photographer that the management has employed. Some are not.

*Needless to say, professional’s work has professional results; the photos will be much more attractive.

*Some girls prefer to spend thousands on their own account and want us to only post their chosen picture.

*RE: Uploading of photos, the management has already agreed to their request upon employment.
*Some local girls required their photos to be blank out, as they have families and relatives here.
*Some local girls provide photo to us which resembled them, this is also because of their privacy concerned.
*Kindly understand and respect the environment and the privacy of the ladies and the nature of the business involved.

*The safety of the ladies/girls, are the most important factor for us. 

SOLELY from…


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